Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Asparagus Spear

The Asparagus Spear

An Up-To-Date Choreographic Conception

By Sazerac the Clown

Do that dance they call the Asparagus Spear 

You won't find romance 

Doing that Asparagus Spear

Just put your left foot next to your right 

Stand stalk-still do nothing all night 

It's really great it is up-to-date, 

It's like you're in a vegetative state! 

So come along and do it the Asparagus Spear 

You can't go wrong doing it, Asparagus Spear 

Everybody is doing it now 

'Cause acting like produce is really a “WOW” 

I just taught you how! 

Do the asparagus spear.

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