Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Steinway of the Breadline

The Steinway of the Breadline

By Sazerac T. Clowne

 I want to buy a Steinway, 

The Steinway of the breadline

 That's a Martin Ukulele, you see.


And when I buy that Steinway, 

That Steinway of the breadline

Old man depression will have nothing on me.

 (bridge 1)

 Now, I sing the blues, I sing them all day

 I want to chase them with a Model 5K

I want to buy that Steinway of the breadline, 

So brother can you spare a dime?

 I need a Martin U-K-U-L-E-L-E


 (2nd bridge) 

President Hoover, get out of my way

 I've got to get myself to Nazareth P-A

 To buy that Steinway, my own Steinway of the breadline

Brother spare me a dime

 It's a Martin ukulele for me, 

You'll see, 

I'll have a Martin U-K-U-L-E-L-E

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