Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bitter Bluebird

The Bitter Bluebird
A Sazerac Song Sensation
By Sazerac The Clown



Bluebird, Mr. Bluebird 

I am feeling gay

I met a gal today 

I believe that its love  

Very sweet love 

Oh, Bluebird, Mister Bluebird 

What have you to say?

Will you sing for me today about romance? 

He said “no!”


But I’ll sing you a song about the leaves on the trees

I’d even quote Socrates

I’d sing about the stars up above

But I won’t sing about love


I’d croon you a tune about riding the breeze

I’d even sing in Japanese

About my friend the dove

But never in the language of love...cause


My nest is empty 

Just like my little coal-black heart

Since Miss Bluebird up and left me 

I am all torn apart, oh!


I’d read Hammet’s book, the Falcon Maltese,

But not the one about the birds and the bees

Push can come to shove 

I ain’t gonna sing about love


I ain’t gonna sing about love


I ain’t gonna sing about 

I aint gonna sing about 

I’m through with it!

No more songs about love!



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